Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lost Mines of Phandelver - Session 2

Last night we played our second session of 5E. You can read my thoughts on the first session here. We added another member to the group. David, a fellow reference staff member at my library, joined, taking over the role of the wizard I was npc'ing. He's not played D&D since the early days of 2E. He seemed to enjoy himselff. He said the system was different than what he played before, but still fun..

The party is still in part two of the Starter adventure. They are currently infiltrating the Redbrands' stronghold. They've done a great job at roleplaying so far and have been really creative. I'm particularly impressed because two of the players are extremely new to rpg's (this was only their second session).

The Redbrands themselves are tough customers. They get two attacks a turn and do 2-8 points with each. Against a second level party this is deadly.
Two sessions into the system and I'm still loving advantage and disadvantage. It's much simpler than adding and subtracting an endless number of bonuses and penalties.

One of the encounters saw the party facing a group of drunken bandits. Their intoxicated situation gave them the poisoned condition (which gave them disadvantage to all their rolls). This is a great mechanical way to represent being drunk or high.

As of now our plan is to finish the Starter adventure, before starting fresh with the PHB and Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

In other 5E related news, Necromancer Games has released a preview of their Fearsome Foes (5E monster tome) kickstarter. You can read it here. The creature looks neat though I'm seeing some issues. It doesn't have a challenge level listed and the HP/Hit Dice doesn't take the creature's constitution into account (or at list doesn't as written). Still it's another free monster to add to your game to tide you over til the Monster Manual comes out.

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