Friday, October 31, 2014

October Horror Movie Challenge - Trick'R Treat (2007)

Synopsis: Set on Halloween, this film is an anthology of interwoven stories; featuring a serial killer principal, local legend prank gone wrong, a stalker being stalked, and a crotchety old man paying for sins of the past.

The Good: Sam, the child-like figure that connects the stories, is my favorite Horror icon. He doesn't speak, he's only in this movie (and the prequel animated short), but he's just got such presence.The stories are fun. The School Bus Massacre story is my favorite.

The Bad: Movies like this don't come along often. It's just the perfect anthology of devilish glee.

Final Thoughts:  Watch this flick. Watch it a few

times. Make blood or soul sacrifices to the dark ones to speed up production on the sequel. Also, I recently read the director is doing a Krampus movie. 

In Your Game: I thought about statting Sam out for cinematic unisystem, but he's a force of nature. If you want to include elements of this film, mention traditions in your game and then create an entity that enforces them.

New To Me Movies Watched: 20
Total Movies Watched: 34

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  1. Agreed! Love this movie. I statted up Sam several years ago for Mutant Future, in fact!