Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ash Wednesday - Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (feat. Zombie Squirrel Girl)

Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness was a crossover that I didn't really want to happen. It sounds cool, but Marvel Zombies, wasn't my favorite story line. I read it and was pleasantly surprised.

Ash had died in his own comic and found himself in Heaven. A zombified version of Marvel's Sentry appeared and started devouring everything. Ash found himself flung into another dimension, Earth 2149. He has some altercations with heroes and villains and gets caught up in the zombie outbreak. Teaming up with others he eventually escapes to another dimension, one populated by Marvel Werewolves!

During the miniseries we are introduced to the Ash of Earth 2149. He manages to take out a few low level metahuman zombies, including Hulkling and Multiple Man.

A really cool fan film was created, though Marvel had it removed from Youtube. However, you can go to the creators' Facebook page and watch it.

I decided to take one of my favorite Marvel characters (my 616 girlfriend Squirrel Girl) and turn her into a Marvel Zombie. Expect more zombies in the future.

Name: Squirrel Girl
Motivation: Eat flesh and have fun
Critter Type:  Undead
Attributes: Str 7, Dex 5, Con 7, Int 3, Per 3, Will 3
Ability Scores: Muscle 14, Combat  14, Brains 14

Life Points: 121  Drama Points: 3

Special Abilities:  Appearance - 6, Control Squirrels, Increased Life Points, Infect (as Deadite pg 161), Wall Climbing

Name                    Score     Damage               Notes
Bite                         14           14              Slash/Stab, Infects
Dodge                     14            -                Defense action
Knuckle Spikes     14           14              Slash/Stab  

Name: Zombie Squirrel
Motivation: Eat flesh
Critter Type:  Undead
Attributes: Str 1, Dex 5, Con 2, Int 1 (animal), Per 5, Will 1
Ability Scores: Muscle 8 , Combat  13 , Brains 7

Life Points: 22 Drama Points: 1

Special Abilities:  Infect (as Deadite pg 161)
Name                    Score     Damage               Notes
Bite                         13           4               Slash/Stab
Dodge                     13           -                Defense action


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  1. hahaha. Yikes. Zombie Squirrel Girl. Actually that sounds perfect for Army of Darkness!