Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ash Wednesday - Twas the Night Before Christmas

Enjoy a few Christmas themed Deadite powers!

Elf on the Shelf

The deadite has a symboitic relationship with a evil elf. He can see through the elf's eyes. The sick little bastard can appear to be a creepy but seemingly harmless elf doll. Treat the elf as a Tiny Ash (pg 165) with the beguile power (pg 162) but without the ability to make evil doubles.  

Flaming Chestnuts/Hot Coals
They may not be roasting over an open fire, but the deadite can spew flaming chestnuts or hurl flaming balls of coal. This attacks does 15 points of fire damage and uses pistol ranges. 

Satan's Little Helpers
Much like Santa, the Deadite has help. By spending a Drama Point the deadite can summon 3 evil elves. Like the Elf on the Shelf, these creatures are the equivalent of Tiny Ashes, however unlike the Elf on the Shelf they don't have the Beguile power (they can make evil copies though).

As a bonus, I've linked a few Christmas themed horror videos. The first is Treevenge. It's directed by the man that created the Hobo with a Shotgun trailer that played during Grindhouse. The movie is over the top and offensive. Here's the plot, "Christmas trees ripped out of their forest plan revenge against people enjoying the holiday." You can watch it here. If you're a Trailer Park Boys fan (and you should be), you'll recognize a few of the actors. I've posted the second film, Dark Times, before. 

Worst. Christmas. Party. Ever.

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