Thursday, March 12, 2015

My 5E Game - Long Overdue Update

I haven't talked about my 5E campaign on here since November. This Saturday we're coming back from a month and a half long hiatus, so I thought I'd do a quick recap of what's happened since I last posted.

  • The party captured basilisks for an eccentric gnome alchemist as payment for turning Rolen and Rogar back to flesh. The basilisks were pets of a small tribe of bullywugs (mainly because I love bullywugs).
  • The party studied the dead green dragon. Mojo learned halfling. Armor, weapons, and accessories were commissioned from the butched dragon.
  • The party was hired by a prince named Roberte to escort him to a lost shrine. The prince only had one arm and the shrine could make him whole. The party faced off with a witch, a monstrous arm-ripper, and made a new ally, a human turned ettin named Gilmi. Rolen aslo had his arm ripped off, though the shrine healed him. After returning to Neverwinter, Roberte's lycanthropy returned (due to the magic of the shrine) and there was a rooftop race to stop him from going on a murderous spree. The party managed to capture him and cure him once and for all. Roberte has now pledged himself to serving the Order of the Gauntlet. 
  • One their return trip to Phandalin the party encountered a secret elf named Will. The elf informed them that the town had been taken over by their enemies, the Broken Tusks. The group evaded patrols and made it into their manor, where they found Droop and a few survivors of the town guard. They set up a daring raid to free some of the prisoners, and then engaged to orcs and their giant servants. We ended with a cliffhanger. The giants had been defeated, but the orcish chief had just KO'd Gilmi and Droop.
When the battle ends Saturday this will tie up the first campaign arc. The party with next find the chained coffin and head to the Shudder Mountains. After that clues will lead them to a  group of mysterious islands that exists outside of Faerun, but is connected via mystical ley lines. It is here that Mojo will learn the truth of his origins.

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