Monday, March 2, 2015

New To Me DCC

This past weekend I was in my hometown for a day and I snagged a couple of Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures from Dungeon Dwellers. I picked up DCC 82: Bride of the Black Manse and DCC 82.5 Dragora's Dungeon.

Bride of the Black Manse is an interesting 3rd level adventure. The plot involves a haunted mansion, the devil Mamon, and a broken pact. The interesting is quite interesting in the fact that events happen based on real world time. Every hour that passes during the game session causes another bell to toll. I also liked this adventure because it includes succubus stats. The book also contains a 2nd level jungle adventure called Blood for the Serpent King. This adventure deals with the return of the Emerald Cobra, a powerful serpent man king.

Dragora's Dungeon is actually a DCC update of an adventure Goodman Games released for 4th edition. The advnture revolves around the return of an ancient society and a royal family put in a mystical coma.The adventure is a lot of fun and includes some great exploration and encounters. My only real issue with this adventure is I'm not a fan of the weird almost-porn fantasy cover. Yeah she's protected if someone was aiming for part of her breasts or her vagina, but otherwise, she's not really protected at all. Plus that armor looks like it'd cause a lot of chafing. The again if I was a hot blonde with a green dragon partner and a large group of ape-like servitors, maybe I too would go for style of substance.

Both these adventures look like a lot of fun. At 9.99 they're worth picking up, even if you don't play DCC.

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