Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some Updates and Such

    Here are just a few gaming updates:

    • My birthday D&D play through of the +Mark Taormino's Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen was a success. We only made it about a third of the way through the module and hope to do a monthly get together to finish it up. Expect a more thorough summary coming soon. 
    • My 5E game is back on track. First campaign arc is finished and they've been tasked by the cleric trapped in the Chained Coffin to head to the Shudder Mountains.
    • My Peril on the Purple Planet boxed set came in. It's a full, wonderful, and glorious boxed set of Appendix N sorcery meets scifi/dying Earth goodness. I have so many DCC adventures... I really need to find a group to play. Expanded post coming later.
    • Half Price Books had a big sale this week. I picked up Goodman Games' Saga of the Dragon Cult for 7 dollars and a classic 2E Ravenloft adventure I always wanted, The Created, for 6 dollars. Saga of the Dragon Cult is pretty cool. GG took four of their original DCC adventures, updated them to 3.5 and created a book that ties them together in a level 1-10 AP. Those five books are in a nice, retro-looking boxed set. You can't know the price either. The original retail price is a mere 20 dollars. The created is a different beast entirely. It involves a low level party taking on a twisted Pinochio-esque friend and his killer toys. Expect expanded posts about them to come soon.
    • According to the last update I received, Freeport should have shipped this past week.Going to run it for a homebound friend back home every other Friday.
    • I'm participating the the Blogging for A-Z April challenge. Like most others I'll reveal my theme Monday (if I can decide it by then).
    • Work is busy, so I've missed some of my regular posts. I've not given them up, just learning to balance desired life and responsible life.

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