Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A-Z Challenge - F is for the Flumphinator

I decided I wanted to do F is for Flumph, because I'm one of those weird people that have a soft spot for them. While looking for a suitable picture I found this awesome art by StuartRobertson.

This post is just silly and odd, but I love it.

The Flumphinator

The Flumphinator is a cybernetic flumph from the future sent to stop the elder gods from returning to the mortal world. Sent by a coalition of scientists and flumphs, his goal is to eliminate the cultists responsible for their dark future.

Unfortunately the time travel scrambled the list of targets so now the Flumphinator tends to shoot anyone with (noticeable) minor or greater corruption.

Flumphinator: Init +0, Atk mini gatling gun +3 ranged (range 20' 3d6);  AC 18; HD 6d6; MV 30' (flight); Act 1d20; SP damage reduction 5, infravision 60', telepathy; SP Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +5; AL L

The Flumphinator can communicate telepathically with any intelligent creature it can see. Strangely the voice heard by those in communication seems slightly robotic and definitely Austrian.