Saturday, April 18, 2015

A-Z Challenge - O is for Ooze

I like the way oozes are treated in the DCC Corebook. There is one main stat block that is modified by size. You then roll  1d4-1  for special properties. The table is set up for a d10. Instead of statting a new ooze, I'm going to expand the table to a d16 (remember DCC uses funky die).

11 - Creatures .killed by the ooze rise as skeletons(see page 426 of core book).
12 - Movement becomes 30'.
13 - Gain a swim speed of 30'
14 -  Ooze has dog-like intelligence and is friendly. If properly fed it will become a loyal follower.
15 Ooze is a part of a symbiotic relationship with an insect swarm (see page 419 of the core book) that lives within it.. Roll a d6 to determine type 1 - ants 2- spiders 3- bees 4 - horseflies 5 - mosquitoes 6 - scorpions
16 -Ooze is sentient. It retains the memories of all creatures it has consumed and can communicate with all intelligent creatures within 30' via telepathy.

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  1. We used to allow most any "creature" as a PC...
    do not think we ever had a gelatinous cube, though....
    as long as it had (some) intelligence and a bit of dexterity..... we would try to "fit it in"...