Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deck-Building Games

My best friend Wirty has introduced me to a type of game that's become my new obsession, deck-building games. If you've never played one, the concept is simple. You start out with limited resources that you use to purchase more cards for you deck. The win conditions for the games vary, but are normally something like, "achieve this goal" or "earn the most victory points." The game I have the most experience with is the DC Deck-Building Game. It uses Cryptozoic Cerberus Engine. My friends, Wirty and Stew, each have the core game and a few expansions. I have Cryptozoic's Hobbit Deck-Building Game, which uses the same rules. It's not quite as fun, but that's because I like the DC abilities better.

I've ordered Marvel Legendary by Upper Deck. While I'm more of a DC fan, Legendary seems exciting because it's a co-op game in which the players build hero decks to take out a mastermind (controlled by the game). There is an optional competitive element to the game as well. There are several expansions that offer more heroes, masterminds, henchman, and plots. I'm rather excited that I picked up the Fantastic Four. I'm not the biggest FF fan, though I do like Human Torch and Thing. I love Galactus and he is included as a mastermind. The best part, I picked up expansion for only 12.50. The expansion was originally 24.99, but is going for around 50.00 online. Marvel has told Upper Deck not to reprint the set (which is another example of them trying to snuff out the FF).

Has anyone else played deck-building games? If so, what do you think?

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