Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm Iron Kingdoms Bound

I didn't need another miniatures or rpg to get into, but it looks like I'm going to dive headfirst into one anyway. My friends have talked it over and we're going to start playing Warmachine/Hordes. The game seems like a lot of fun and the cats at Privateer Press are really nice folks. The setting is a nice mix of fantasy and steampunk. Both games are fully compatible, they each just have a different spin. The factions in Warmachines are nations with magically controlled mechs (called warjacks). In Hordes you play one of the wild factions and use your warlocks to control warbeasts. The games also have fully compatible tabletop rpg's, Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy and Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed. I'm not kidding when I say the rpg and minis are fully compatible. The minis and npc stat blocks look identical.

As far as Warmachines is concerned, I really like Khador. Their story is awesome and I dig Russian-esque nations. Plus they essentially have Baba Yaga as a warcaster. On the Hordes side of things I'm partial to the noble Trollsblood and the Blindwater Congregation, a pact (lesser faction), of voodoo alligator men.

Here's a little taste of the artwork for the games (which is phenomenal).

Trollbloods, powerful , honorable, displaced warriors
A lurk and a gatorman, two of the monstrous races you can play as in Unleashed.
Definitely not Baba Yaga and her hut...
War forces of Cygnar, the crown jewel the Iron Kingdoms

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