Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ash Wednesday - Bit Part Demon

Today's post was inspired Evil Dead: The Musical. Thanks to Annie, Ed received a bit of confidence during the Cabin in the Woods incident. Unfortunately due to Ash, he found himself sent back to his home dimension. But what's to say he has to stay there? Perhaps he found his way back to earth and possessed a Hollywood actor.

Name: Ed, The Bit Part Demon
Motivation: Sing, sing, sing!
Critter Type:  Deadite
Attributes: Str 5, Dex 5, Con 5, Int 4, Per 4, Will 4
Ability Scores: Muscle 18, Combat  16, Brains 16

Life Points: 70 Drama Points: 3

Special Abilities: +3 to Art, Armor Value 4 (8), Attractiveness -6, Beguile, Fast Reaction Time, Horrify, Increased Life Points, Regeneration, Weakness to daylight


Name              Score    Damage               Notes
Bite                     16         22             Must Grapple first
Claw                    16         16             Slash/stab
Grapple               16          -               Resisted by Dodge

Bit Part Demon Lyrics

I'm that guy you see in every horror flick.
You may not remember me, I come and go too quick.

You wouldn't know my name, I hardly ever speak a line.
If the hero kills a hundred demons, I'd be the forgettable number
thirty nine.

'Cuz I'm a bit part demon, a small time misfit.
I'd say you'd be dead by dawn but I don't really mean it.

I'm a threat to no one, the other deadites make fun...


Of me. Evil Eddie. Oh The bit part demon.

But don't you see Ed? We've been listening to you talk for the past two minutes.
You've said a whole lot just now. Just you!
Aw, you're not a bit part demon anymore. You're a lead player. A star!

You're right! Now I see that this trend has been disrupted.
I've said more than five words without being interrupted! I'm a
bit part no more! My character's at a swing!
And now its time for this demon to sing, sing sing! Ahhhh....(gunshot) oh!

Now you'll have a bit part; in hell.

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