Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Getting Started and Catching Up

I like monthly blog challenges and things of that nature. +Dave Chapman @ Autocratik has created one and I'm going to take part (even though I'm a little late).

Day 1 - Forthcoming game you are most looking forward to -
Rat Queens! I don't know if it will come out, exactly what the rules will be but writer Kurtis Weibe has hinted that his fantastic comic Rat Queens will be getting the RPG treatment. If you've not read Rat Queens, do it now.

Day 2 - Kickstarted game most pleased you backed -
I haven't backed any brand new games, but I've backed more than a few gaming supplements. I think the one I'm most pleased with has been Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Chained Coffin. This boxed set is fantastic. Michael Curtis DCC love letter to Manly Wade Wellman is just fantastic.

Day 3 - Favorite new game of the last 12 months-
Okay so technically it's a new edition, but I'm still in love with the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons.   For me it is the right amount of newer edition customization with that old school "we don't need a lot of stats" goodness.

Day 4 - Most surprising game -
I'm really surprised about how much I enjoy Fantasy Flight's Star Wars tabletop rpg's. Don't get me wrong I love Star Wars and Fantasy Flight makes beautiful books, but the new system they have seemed like it would be overly complex. In addition, games that use their own custom dice intimidate me a bit. However, I ran the beginner box adventure for Edge of the Empire and the game was actually really simple. I've picked up all three core rule books and hope to run it one day.

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