Monday, October 19, 2015

Creepy Comic Conversion - Issue 1 Review

Disclaimer, after seeing one of my posts about Cryptworld, Tim Snider of The Savage Afterworld contacted me, expressed an interest in fueling the fire of my Pacesetter interest, and asked me if I'd like a complimentary copy of Creepy Comic Conversion - Issue 1.

Of course I said yes.

The zine is printed on paper that feels like an old comic (or at least what I remember an old comic feeling like). The first half of the book is a public domain horror comic and the second half is that comic converted into an adventure for Cryptworld. The comic is a fun story. Something has destroyed a prize-winning painting. If the night watchmen is to be believed the vandal is a monster (which looks strikingly like a monster from a losing painting). The adventure is a nice little investigation that includes stats for two THINGS, the painted beast (which has a new power) and imps.

If you're a fan of Cryptworld, horror comics, classic Chill you definitely need to pick this up.

You can buy a pdf of this fine product at RPGNOW or the print version from Magcloud.
The cover
The comic (7 pages)
The adventure (10 pages)
Back cover (with a fun add discussing how to join DAPA, an organization that appears in the core Cryptworld book)

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