Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

Synopsis: A film crew gets exclusive access to film a group of vampiric flatmates in New Zealand. 

The Good: This movie is really funny. The characters are memorable and it plays up to all of the vampire tropes. The Lost Boy scene is one of my favorites, though Blade being mentioned was good too. I laughed through the whole movie. Other supernaturals appear as well (namely werewolves (not swear wolves) and zombies. 

The Bad: If you are looking for scares, look somewhere else. This is a comedy that pokes fun at horror tropes and things. The humor of this movie is very deadpan and hipster-ish. This isn't surprising since it's essentially Flight of the Concords (with vampires).

Final Thoughts: If you are a fan of Flight of the Concords or vampires, you'll probably enjoy this. It's goofy, but good.  Also, make sure you watch the after credits scene.

In Your Game:  Most of the characters had a vampiric power they kind of sucked at (like Vlad's animal transformations). I think this is a nice Drawback for Cinematic Unisystem.

Deficient Power (2 point drawback)
There's just something you aren't quite up to snuff at. When this drawback is taken choose a vampiric power (this could be a power gained through a quality). Something is off when you use the power. Perhaps your hypnosis is weak, or maybe you just can't get the face right when transforming into an animal. In addition to the obvious problems, other vampires will definitely judge your handicap.

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  1. Looks like fun! I will have to put this into the queue.