Monday, December 7, 2015

Stonehell Dungeons - Gates of Hell

Roscoe Moon, performer extraordinaire
Saturday night David and I started Stonehell Dungeon. David decided to play a CG human bard, Roscoe Moon (stage name). We only played for a few hours, but had a lot of fun. Roscoe teemed up with Eben (LN human cleric of Wee Jas) and Brenya "Bren" Hammerpass (LG mountain dwarf fighter) to investigate goblin attacks on local trading caravans.

The trio entered area 0C: The Gates of Hell and cleared out all of the goblins. They also found the secret stash of magic items in the wizard's room and laid to rest the adventurer phantasms.

I like the layout, story, and design of Stonehell Dungeon. I'm running it in 5E. I've not encountered any original monsters yet, so I've just been pulling things from the Monster Manual. My copy of Into the Heart of Hell came in today, so I'm excited to read through it.

Does anyone else have experience with Stonehell Dungeon?


  1. Did you ever run this anymore? What are your thoughts on "Into the Heart of Hell?"

    1. I ran two or three sessions, but since it's a fallback game it doesn't happen often. Your comment is interesting in its timing because I've thought about dusting it off.

    2. Since my gaming time is rather limited, I was thinking a Mega-Dungeon might be more doable. Was just researching what folks are saying about it. Thanks!

    3. If you've got limited time, I think it would work well. Once I read through them again, I'll do some more posts.