Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dungeon Crate and Mythoard

People like subscription boxes. I have several friends that are monthly subscribers to Loot Crate. I, myself, signed up for the fantasy themed month. If you aren't familiar with the subscription box model, you pay a monthly fee (typically 25 to 35 dollars, after shipping) and each month you get a random assortment of goodies (which would probably cost you double if you bought them individually). I know of two subscription services like this for tabletop gamers,  Mythoard  and Dungeon Crate.

With Mythoard you get 5 or more tabletop items delivered monthly. It's been around for about a year now (though there was a beta version in 2014). The contents of the box could be miniatures, books, posters, maps, dice, etc. You can check out an archive of previous months offerings on their site. There is some really cool stuff, including Mythoard exclusive adventures from companies like Awful Good Games.  The monthly rate is $25 dollars if you decide to pay month to month. The rate is cheaper if you prepay for multiple months. Researching this post I noticed they have a few coupons right now that are valid through tomorrow. Use the code HOARDTRYOUT25 to save 25% off your first box. That makes it $18.75. With the code MYTHMANIA16 you get an additional 16% of multi-month plans.

Here's a sample.
Dungeon Crate is another box subscription that has its official launch tomorrow. It is a bit pricier (having a month to month subscription fee of $35). Here's a video explaining what Dungeon Crate is and the details:

I think Dungeon Crate looks cool. From the sample products on their webpage, I've seen some great minis related items.

I decided to give Mythoard a try (mainly due to the discount code). When I get my first box, I'll take some pictures and post about it. I'd like to get in on the founding level of Dungeon Crate but I will admit I'm a bit apprehensive about dropping around a hundred dollars for a product I've not seen. I'm definitely going to pledge for the first month and then I'll take it from there.

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