Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pathfinder: Pirates of the Inner Sea

Today I'd like to briefly talk about  Pathfinder Player's Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea.

The Basics: Pirates of the Inner Sea is a full-color 32 page Pathfinder book. The retail price is 10.99. The book gives an overview of piracy on Golarion. The book starts three page overview, then goes into six different pirate regions. Each region gets a two page spread which includes character traits. We then get four pages of equipment, four class archetypes, one prestige class, and two page discussion of the faith of Besmara (the Pirate goddess), and six spells. The book ends with a discussion the social aspects of pirate life.

The Good: I love the discussion of Andoran pirates. Essentially Andoran is colonial America and their pirates are actually pirate hunters. My other favorite is the discussion of the pirates of the River Kingdoms. These pirates use rafts and barges to ply the waterways. I plan on using this info when I finally get around to running Kingmaker. The archetypes are really cool. My favorite is the buccaneer bard. They get songs of surrender, which is great when you're trying to take over a ship. The prestige class is cool too. The Inner Sea pirate prestige class is very rogue-y. It gets sneak attack and pirate tricks.

The Bad: I can't point to anything in this book that I don't like, but then again, I LOVE pirates.

Final Thoughts: If you want some pirate goodness in your Pathfinder game, pick this one up.

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