Monday, January 25, 2016

Tabletop Props Covered Wagon and Tent

I am happy to show off the items I received from the Tabletop Props Covered Wagon and Tent Kickstarters. The items took longer to get into backers hands than originally planned because of unforeseen inspection and international shipping issues. However, I think the items are top notch and were well worth the wait. They aren't perfect to scale for 28mm minis, but they're close enough for me. 
Shown: two wagons, three tents, one tree, and a campfire (plus extras set pieces that came with each).
I added some minis to show the scale.
(Mostly) detailed shots of the standard wagon.

Detailed shots of the gypsy wagon (my favorite).
Both wagons can be taken apart easily.
Johnathon shipped the wagons with toy horses. Dungeon Crawler sent a few complimentary bases for them.
Wagon add-on for Scenes of Chance, a cool accessory I want to pick up when I have some extra cash.

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