Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Other Side of the Screen

Last night was a nice change of pace. The last session my original 5E group played they finished a major interplanetary storyline. To give me a session off, one of my players decided to run a one shot for me and the other players.

A death cult stole a favored relic of the church of Moradin. They hired my character, NG half-orc fighter (champion) named Zeru the Crimson to work with one of their agents, Rogar the cleric (one of the pc's), and his party. We traveled through a swamp and entered the cult's lair. We fought a dozen lizardfolk (including a king and shaman), a huge crocodile, several cultists, and finally the head the the cult, an adult black dragon, and her children.We bypassed all the the traps, though David did get us with some poison mold in one of the hidden rooms.

David did a really good job, especially considering it was his first time DM'ing. I had a lot of fun being a player this time. My group is talking about doing this like this a little more often. I'm going to be honest, it's nice having a little break and getting to be a player again.

I'd hoped the Murloc hat might have helped with diplomatic relations to the amphibious warriors.
Spoiler Alert: It didn't.
First combat encounter with the cultist's lizardfolk allies.
A fun encounter with a giant crocodile (which got demolished by a control water spell).
Final encounter against the black dragon mastermind behind the cult and her hatchlings.

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