Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My First Mythoard

Today I received my first Mythoard! I can say that I'm pleased. I do have a minor complaint that I'd like to mention before I get into the awesome. I was charged for my second month, before I received my first month's contents. My original plan was to try a month and then cancel my sub if I wasn't pleased. Because of the late shipment (which I understand rarely happens), I wasn't able to do that. All right, now that I've mentioned that, let's get talk about the goodies.

Contents of my hoard
For me, this was well worth the 25 dollar a month subscription price. I just put the print version of White Star on my One Book Shelf wishlist. Getting this paid for the subscription. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Robot Uprising is a one sheet (front and back) single session White Star adventure from Barrel Rider Games. The Astrogators Chartbook is a great book of charts and graphs that would be useful to anyone doing a space game. You're reading that correctly too. It's an old Judges Guild product. The two flat plastic miniatures are from ArcKnight games. One looks like a male vampire/necromancer and the other a female rogue. I've been interested in these minis since I first saw the Kickstarter. They look great, though because of the thin nature of the plastic, I do worry about them breaking. The die is a d12 that lists body parts. You can order them on Paizo's website by going to this link. Finally, The First Sentinel is a 3-5 level  OSR adventure by Lesser Gnome. It's nominally set in the Lesser Gnome Whisper Vale setting, but can easily be adapted to any setting. In addition to the print materials, I also have access to various digital downloads.

Close-up of the flat plastic miniatures from ArcKnight
Hit Location d12


  1. A Mythoard virgin! This month was excellent.

  2. Yeah, this was my first month too. I was pretty happy by the time the PDFs arrived. The actual box was just great!