Thursday, March 17, 2016

Curse of Strahd - Session 2

The Party 

Victor Luna (CG human blood hunter) - Victor is a man haunted by his past. His family was slaughtered by a monster. This drove him to join up with a group of blood hunters, that trained him to fight the beasts of the night. A former woodcutter, he has enlisted the aid of a druid acquaintance, Adrick for a few hunts.

Adrick Balgart (CN human druid) - Adrick sees himself as a servant of nature. His master is neither, benevolent nor malicious. It simply is. He joined Victor in his crusade against the unnatural not long after the hunter finished his training.  When asked why he adventures, he has been known to respond, "Like the seasons change, we must change as well, be it the mountains or swamp, we go where the wind blows."

Simon Barhorn (CN half-elf bard) - Simon has always gone through life using his words and wit. He's a classically trained bard, but he also makes his living as a confidence man. He met Adrick and Victor during a pub fight and the trio have adventured together since.

Session 2

The party finished searching the third floor and entered the attic. They met the real Rose and Thorn and Adrick was possessed a few times (earning our bear tank the unfortunate moniker, Pedobear). After exploring the attic, they found the stairs to the dungeon. They examined all of the crypts, fought the grick in the larder, the ghouls and were killed by the shadows. Fortunately (?) the Dark Powers took interest in them and brought them back. The session ended with the group dispatching the mimic door.

  • Ravenloft is deadly. This should be the case obviously, but even with some some great combat builds I tpk'd my party. I think they'd be doing a bit better if the bard was replaced by either a wizard or cleric with the criminal background. I like the 5E bard better than some previous editions, but instead of a jack of all trades, it comes off more as a "hey, I can do a few things sort of okay." He did more good when he just slashed with his rapier. 
  • The bear tanking druid was not as useful as he could have been because many of the corridors were only 5' wide and he'd have to squeeze to get down them (taking disadvantage on his attacks).
  • I've never used a mimic before. It was fun.

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  1. Enjoying reading of your "exploits" in the Land of the Mists...