Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for Cranium Rat Juice

"I've drank many things that have given me headaches, but none quite like Cranium Rat Juice*. While the githzeri that make it swear that it doesn't contain any actual cranium rat, it does have the (un)fortunate side affect of letting you hear the thoughts of other drinkers. Then there's that whole, packs of cranium rats sometimes chase you thing..."

-Cade Ashworthy

Cranium Rat Juice

Cranium rat juice on is a silky red wine produced primarily by a family of githzeri Sensates in the City of Doors. For reasons unknown to the general populace, it allows those that drink it to communicate telepathically with other drinkers of the wine. Some drinkers have claimed to be able to hear the thoughts of nearby cranium rats, which can lead to some hairy situations. This makes it a useful tool for adventures (as long as they don't get sloshed drinking it).

Being a regular strength wine,the Constitution saving throw DC to avoid intoxication is on DC 10). Treat the granted telepathy as the level 1 Great Old One Warlock ability, Awakened Mind. Bottles of Cranium Rat Juice tend to go for around 50 GP a piece and contain enough wine for six glasses.

*Cranium rats are well known vermin across the planes. They are actually spies for the god brain, Ilsensine. A lone cranium rat is a rather unintelligent pest, but when they gather they gain intelligence and create a hive mind.


  1. This could be a really cool part of a dungeon adventure where it's required to split the party. Let the players work to meet their goal before the effects wear off. Cool item!

  2. I can only imagine what this would taste like...