Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for Lager

"I don't mean to sound biased, but if you want really good beer, you need to go to a halfling brewer. Yeah, yeah, I know dwarves are famous for their brews, but they don't have that hin magic that makes our beer so good. If you try some halfling lager and don't think it's the best you've ever had, I'll buy the next round."
-Cade Ashworthy

Luiren Lager

Brewed in the benevolent anarchy of Luiren, Luiren Lager is a crisp, pale lager lovingly crafted by halflings. The brew is known to have a calming reaction on those that drink it. The Constitution saving throw DC to avoid intoxication is 15. Those that fail the save find themselves under the affects of a calm emotions spell while drunk.


  1. Calm emotions spell makes me chuckle.

    1. I'm a mellow guy, but I wish I had the ability to cast this in real life. It'd make dealing with people much easier.