Friday, May 6, 2016

5E Video Game Monsters

I found some really cool video game to 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons conversions and I want to share them. I'll admit the Dark Souls game aren't my favorite. Mainly because I suck and them and don't have the patience to get better. That being said, I think the style is phenomenal. The monsters are totally badass looking and I think would make a great addition to D&D.

Dark Souls Compendium
A Hunter's Guide to the Beasts of Bloodborne - Part I
Monsters of Witcher - Part I
Monsters of Witcher - Part II

The author of the Dark Souls Compendium and A Hunters' Guide to the Beasts of Bloodborne - Part I is working on a compendium for Dark Souls 2. I'm using these resources, Zak S.'s Vornhiem, and some some lore from a few Magic: The Gathering planes (namely Innistrad and Lorwyn/Shadowmoor)  to craft my own little homebrew dark fantasy setting. I'll be giving it a test run next Wednesday. I'll let you folks know how it goes.

Finally, I thought I'd share this wicked little animated trailer, Eli Roth did for Dark Souls 3.


  1. Would love to see how the MtG lore plays out for you. A lot of untapped potential in those planes.

    1. I'm taking my humans from Innistrad. My halflings will be like the Kithkin. My elves like the eyeblight hating elves of Lorwyn. I also rally like Lorwyn/Shadowmoor's flamekin/cinders and boggarts. Those are going to be my setting's pc races, as well as some variant of the Revenant (which is another why I'm incorporating Dark Souls).

  2. This is cool! It would be neat to see this material mixed with some material inspired by the Witcher franchise. I'll be eager to hear about your dark fantasy adventures as they unfold.