Thursday, June 2, 2016

Curse of Strahd - Session 6

The Party 
Victor Luna (CG human Oath of Vengeance Paladin) - The de facto leader of the group, Victor is a ceaseless hunter and protector of the innocent.

Adrick Balgart (CG human Light cleric) - Cleric of Lathander, branded a heretic, he seeks redemption and revenge against the creatures of the night

Simon Barhorn (CN half-elf bard) - Self-serving, yet charismatic, Simon is the party's spokesperson.

Session 6
We played by lantern and candle light (though we eventually had one lamp on in the background)
The session began in media res with the party bottle necking the vampire spawn. Strategic party placement, oath of vengeance smiting, and Protection from Evil, allowed Victor to hold his own and slay a second vampire spawn. After downing vamp number 2, Simon through lit oil and the group decided either the fire would get Strahd's minions or the sunlight would.

Unfortunately they discovered that the Dark Powers protect the creatures of the night and the sun doesn't truly shine in Barovia. Still having lost two of their fellows, the spawn decided to retreat, report, and regroup. Adrick wasn't having any of of this and tackled one of them, making an amazing strength check, and grappling one. Simon used a stake and hammer and incapacitated the vamp. According to the Monster Manual, a stake driven into the heart of a vampire in it's burial ground kills it, that being said, it was a ballsy move and I applauded it. Instead of dusting, I ruled that it paralyzed the suckface. The remaining three bolted.

The trio met the demon-armed Izek Strazni and his master, the baron who invited his heroes to join him for tea and sandwiches the next day. They discovered that "malicious discontent" was a punishable crime and were shocked to see children in stocks. This is when the session felt a little like Game of Thrones. The party discussed over throwing the baron and taking out Lady Fiona Wachter and installing Father Petrovich and/or his sister, the baroness in charge. They've planted the seed of rebellion in a few ears, but have decided to visit the Vistani at the Tser Pool for wisdom before acting on anything.

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