Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Single, Small Cut

A Single, Small Cut is an extended encounter for Lamentations of the Flame Princess written by one of my favorite adventure writers, Michael Curtis.

The encounter centers around the Order of Kites. They are a religious order of heathen slayers made up of desperate men. They fight fire with fire and confiscate tools of deviltry and paganism to slay their foes. One such tool was the Red Bell which could summon a creature dubbed the Corrector of Sins.The bell was buried with the leader of the order that used it.

At the beginning of the adventure, an enterprising wizard heard the legend of the bell, gathered ruffians, and decided to pay the Order a visit. After killing the parishioners and order, he's decided to claim the tool as his own,

This is when the party arrives. They are met by one of the bandits in disguise (who is being supported by crossbowmen in the rafters). After a social encounter (that can turn violent) the villains and pc's are confronted by the Corrector.

I want to take a second to talk about the Collector of Souls. That's him on the cover. The beast is formed from the dead bodies found with 50 feet of it. It's a shambling abomination of mangled flesh and internal organs. The description includes mention of "flailing tendrils of human intestines terminating in snapping sphincters." If you were wandering where the LotFP weirdness came in, that's it.

The party seeks out the church, encounters the rogues, encounter the Corrector, seize and learn how to use the bell (?).

Like most LotFP adventures, the adventure is nominally set on Earth. However, change the references of Satanic to diabolic and you're good. For example if I were to set this in Faerun, I think the order would be fanatics of Helm. If I put it on Oerth, they would definitely be a faction related to Pholtus.

This is a great encounter and definitely worth the two dollar price tag.

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