Thursday, July 7, 2016

Goody White's Book of Folk Magic

I meant to post about this a few months ago, but for some reason I'm just now getting to it. Sean K. Reynolds Goody White's Book of Folk Magic is a Pathfinder-compatible source book that I backed on Kickstarter.

Written in-character, the book is the perfect blend of fluff and crunch. There are 45 different folk remedies that are presented as spells, rituals, and/or witch hexes. What's really cool about this is that any class can use the rituals.

The book converts the hexes to mythic. I'm not super familiar with the mythic rules, but I know that mythic hexes weren't a thing before Sean created these.

In addition to the magic, the book contains several stat blocks for notable witches (created by Kickstarter backers)

Finally the book contains witch stats and converts the spells to Cypher System powers. I have absolutely no experience with that system (though I think it sounds cool), so I don't know if the conversions are balanced or anything.

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  1. My witch Larina is in the book as well. I rather enjoy the book myself.