Thursday, July 28, 2016

Literary Magic Items - Dante's Inferno

While my apparent lack of proof-reading might not show it, my background is in literature. It was probably my love of literature during my undergrad years that helped push me into librarianship. That's why the Kobold Press 5th edition articles Swords of Hell: Items from Dante's Inferno and  Objects of Hell: Items from Dante's Inferno excite me.

The magic items presented are as follows. The Sword of Homer is a short sword that is ideal for bards. Swords of Discord are long swords that are used by the devils of the 8th layer of Hell to punish sowers of discord and schism. They act like swords of sharpness from previous editions. The Rod of the Heavenly Messenger allows good clerics and paladins ability to bypass doors and obstacles. Finally the Centaurs' Bow is the weapon of Chiron, legendary centaur mentor. It grants it's wielder divination and marshal abilities, as well as an understanding of medicine.

If the Kobold Press folks post any more of these, I'll make an addendum.

As a side note, I'm getting really close to 1000 posts. When I reach that milestone, I'm going to have some sort of contest. Not sure what, but the prize will be a illustration by my friend +David Coppoletti. Dave is great. he's working on a few OSR projects now. I'll be interviewing him and showcasing his art soon.

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  1. "Dave is great." was my favorite part of this blog post.