Saturday, July 23, 2016

Random Ghostbuster Musings

  • I really liked enjoyed the new film. You can read my review on For The Love of Pun. Holtzmann is a goddess of science and "safety lights are for dudes."
  • It's possible that I may have found a scanned copy of the original Ghostbusters rpg and have been reading it. *cough* It's possible, but not likely...
  • If you want a totally legal way to play a Ghostbusters game, check out +Jonathan Linneman's Ghosthackers (with Slimer stats). 
  • There are two readily available Ghostbusters Board Games. I've played Cryptozoic's Ghosbusters Game (which has a sequel and expansions in the works). It's fun, though I see some flaws (especially with character balance). It has some high quality minis (and a hefty price that comes with that). There's also Ghostbusters: Protect The Barriers. This one is based on a German board game that has pretty good ratings. It has minis (though they're cutesy) and is only 20 bucks. 
  • If you really want Ghostbuster minis (which could be fun even though the game is simple enough to not need them), I'd check out Wizkids defunct game, Creepy Freaks. You can get a case of boosters for less than 25 after shipping on Ebay.
  • If I run a Ghostbusters rpg, you can be damned sure that I'm going to include my favorite Ghostbusters toy as a child, the dread Fearsome Flush! I will also include a Ghostbuster luchador. 


  1. Thanks for keeping up the GB momentum! May be worth noting that WizKids' old HorrorClix line also included some "Ghostfinders" figures...there still may be some floating around on the web for cheap!

  2. I have a few of those and I like them. Some of the monsters would be good for a Ghostbusters game too, though I think some of them look too serious.