Saturday, September 10, 2016

Deep Magic: Rune, Gear, and Void

Kobold Press has some wonderful magic supplements in their Deep Magic line. Each pdf is 5 dollars or less.

Clockwork Magic - Machine magic is cool. This book presents a new cleric domain, warlock patron, and arcane tradition. In addition the book presents 45 new spells of the clockwork school/type. This has obvious uses in Eberron. In addition if you're using the Forgotten Realms, this is Gond-damned perfect (pun totally intended)!

My thoughts: I want to make a "grinds my gears" joke but this is just a solid, fun pdf.

Rune Magic - This book presents 25 magical runes and feats that allow you to tap into their power. In addition their are five rune rituals. There are 32 rune magic spells, though they seem Nordic, but not really rune themed in general. Also they're not part of a new school. The book also has two magic items, two new conditions, and two monsters.

My thoughts: Some of this isn't really rune themed. It's Norse, but not rune-centric. However the rune lore is great. Honestly, the non-rune stuff is good too. I think this is an excellent supplement to the upcoming Storm King's Thunder adventure.

Void Magic - This magic is crafted from void speech, destructive words that came into being as a result of the words of creation. The book has two feats, an arcane tradition, and 13 spells of the new void school.

My thoughts: This is the shortest, but it's also my favorite. The idea of void speech and magic makes me think of vile speech from the 3.0 Book of Vile Darkness. I think I will treat it as such in my game.


  1. I wonder how long until we see a compiled print product for 5E?

    1. They've released 5 of them now. Hopefully they won't do too many more before going to print.