Friday, September 2, 2016

Free RPG Day 2016 Swag

Thanks to the always cool +Kevin Watson (who has a Kickstarter project you should back ending soon), I was able to get my hands on a few Free RPG Day 2016 books that I really wanted.

The Goodman games offering has two separate adventures. The first is a level 1 DCC Lankhmar. The pc's are captured by a foreign wizards and must escape captivity. The second is a Mutant Crawl Classics funnel. I've posted a link to a free pdf of the MCC portion of the book here.

Slügs! is even more bizarre than I expected it to be. It's a bestiary (which is something I never thought +James Raggi would ever release) containing 15 slügs (okay 14 giant slugs and one heroic robot (Transformer) that can transform into a slug).  The books is weird, creative, and really entertaining. Even if you don't use the slügs, the charts and abilities that accompany them can be quite useful with monster design. In addition to the monsters, the book also has an editorial/manifesto on the state of rpg's and the industry. It's a call to join the DIY scene too. Honestly, Trump-parody dialogue aside, it's kind of inspiring. I'm probably going to have a failure or two among my attempts, but I'm going to release new material outside of this blog.
Slügatron is my favorite.

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