Saturday, October 22, 2016

Curse of Strahd: Potions

Curse of Strahd: Potions is a one page pay what you want pdf on the Dungeon Masters Guild. It presents 7 Ravenloft themed potions. The powers provided by these concoctions often come at a price. They are as follows:

Moon Blood - You blood becomes acidic to vampires and undead that decide to bite you.

Wolf Eye's - You gain superior darkvision and sunlight sensitivity while under the effects of this potion.

Gallows Ichor - Weapons coated in this black ichor overcome damage reduction

Vistani Elixir - You gain advantage on all rolls for a few minutes and disadvantage on all rolls for a few days.

 Corpseworm - This potion contains a centipede like creature that allows you to speak with a dead corpse, though after a few days a swarm of centipedes erupts from the corpse's mouth.

Morninglord's Tears - This potion can cure Lycanthrope from one that has not yet transformed, though doing ages the drinker.

Vial of Mist - This potion creates a 20ft sphere of mist.

These are all really cool and add a nice bit of flavor to Curse of Strahd. Pick it up and pass the creator a few silvers.

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