Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - Holidays (2016)

Synopsis: Several different filmmakers present short holiday themed segments. Valentine's Day is about an bullied teenager with a crush on her gym coach. St. Patrick's Day is about a teacher that's given her deepest wish, with a twist. Easter deals with the real Easter Bunny. Mother's Day is about a woman taken in and drugged by a coven of barren witches. In Father's Day a woman receives a mysterious tape from her estranged father. Cam girls get their revenge in Halloween. A VR device reveals dark thoughts in Christmas. Finally, on New Year's Eve a disturbed murderous man find out his date is just as twisted.

The Good: While it wasn't my favorite the St. Patrick's Day short reminded me of Lair of the White Worm and that's a good thing.  The Jesus/Easter Bunny hybrid of the Easter sketch was deeply disturbing. I think Christmas and New Year's Even were the strongest segments in my opinion. Christmas features Seth Green.

The Bad: None of the segments were outstanding. Valentine's Day was too much like a slasher version of Carrie. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't that good either. While I liked parts of St. Patrick's Day, it was kind of silly. Mother's Day bored me and the twist at the end was kind of stupid. Halloween wasn't Halloween oriented and was just stupid. It also just made Harley Morenstein seem like more a asshole than normal.

Final Thoughts: Others may really dig this, but I felt "meh" overall. It's a nice concept, I just don't think it delivered what I wanted.

In Your Game:  

The UVU virtual reality glasses from Christmas would make an excellent plot device, especially if they were created by a big evil corporation, possibly one that works with a big evil law firm. Every user receives video tailored to their brainwaves and accounts. It also records what is shown. 

New To Me Movies Watched: 8
Total Movies Watched: 10


  1. Anytime Seth Green is involved it will be fun. Despite the shortcomings of some of the segments I might check this out.

    1. It's worth checking out. It just wasn't what I was wanting.