Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - La Horde (2009)

Synopsis: A group of corrupt Parisian cops conduct an off the books revenge raid on a drug lord housed in a condemned high-rise. The operation fails and they're captured. However, before they can be killed the dead start rising and both sides must work together.

The Good: This is a really cool action zombie flick. The setting is reminiscent of the amazing Indonesian action movie, The Raid: Redemption. If you've not seen The Raid, check it out asap. This movie had no heroes, yet I still found myself rooting for some of the characters. 

The Bad: There is some French racism in this flick. The African drug lord has this big rant about being a Nigerian, that just comes off weird. There's also a really racist older tenant. 

Final Thoughts: After the bad experience I had with The Horde, I wanted to watch a good movie with that name.

In Your Game: These zombies are pretty much the same as the T-Virus zombies

New To Me Movies Watched: 16
Total Movies Watched: 25

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