Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Movie Challenge - Inbred (2011)

Synopsis: Four juvenile delinquents and there caregivers wander into a world of pain while doing community service is Yorkshire, England. 

The Good: I didn't care for this movie, but the practical effects were pretty good. 

The Bad: This movie tries to be a horror comedy, but at times its too bloody dark to be funny. I think the ending was supposed to be funny, but I'm not sure. None of the protagonists are really likable. Oh and one of the townies is in black face. 

Final Thoughts: Don't waste your time with this. I wasn't expecting much, but I like what I refer to as Hellbilly movies (Wrong Turn, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). However, this wasn't nearly as good as any of those flicks. 

In Your Game: Apparently even the UK has Hellbillies...

New To Me Movies Watched: 20
Total Movies Watched: 32

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