Friday, October 7, 2016

Storm King's Thunder - Session One

Date of Session: 9-23-16

The Party

Dor (NG Half-Orc Druid): Dor is a simple man in touch with nature. He's a bit naive about the would outside of the forest. He's more at ease with beasts then men.

Varkus the Charmer (CG Dhampyr Rogue): An extremely charming "bard," Varkus friendly demeanor masks a dark past. No one knows which is sharper, his tongue or rapier...

Ella Henwen (NG Human Wild Magic Sorcerer): Ella is a magic user of humble origins. Touched by wild magic, strange things happen when she's around. Sweet and naive, she wants to see the world and make it a better place.

Nathaniel Graves (CN Human Fighter): The last surviving member of the Iron Eagles mercenary  company, Nathaniel is a grim marksman. He adventures for coin and only cares about those in his mercenary company (the party), though he often works for the Lords' Alliance.

Session One

Teng, the kenku bandit

  • The adventure began in media ras. The party were traveling to stop a band of goblins and a troupe of kobolds that are disrupting local trade.
  • The players then went around the table introducing their characters. Varkus and Ella gained inspiration for their rousing intros.
  • Flashback to (roleplayed) meeting with Waterdhavian noble, Milo Thann, that set them on this path.
  • The party spotted a bandit ambush. Varkus and Nathaniel had amazing had great stories (and rolls) and persuaded the bandits they were reinforcements. They then slaughtered the bandits mercilessly. It wasn't that they were sadistic, but Nathaniel's sharpshooter feat is wicked deadly.
  • They followed tracks to the bandits camp.
  • They ambushed and killed the bandits at the camp. The parleyed with one, a kenku named Teng. Honestly I just added a kenku because I'd got a new mini for one that day. He sounded like a jersey gangster, because I forgot kenku could only imitate things they've heard. He was a fun character, I might bring him back, but I have to explain why he can speak regularly (or take that ability away from him).
  • The session ended with the party camping and planning on heading to the goblin fortress in the morning.
I've been taking inspiration from Matt Mercer. I've been working on being more descriptive with everything saying yes within reason. This group is fantastic and I think this campaign will rock.


  1. I liked his jersey accent, I just accept that Waterdeep is the realms new york and Skull port (under it) is Jersey. Just as bad :P

    1. Nice! I liked him and the accent, I just don't think it fit the mimicry only thing.