Thursday, November 17, 2016

Buffy/Angel Bundle of Holding

If you've ever wanted to check out that kooky cinematic unisystem I'm talking about, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. For the next twelve days the Buffy/Angel Bundle of Holding is live. For 8.95 you can get the core Buffy Book, the Slayer's Handbook (more character options and alternate settings), The Magic Box (all things magic and superscience), and the Buffy Character Journal. Pay more than the threshold and you get Monster Smackdown (all the beasties you could ever need), Angel rulebook (fully compatible stand-alone that expands demon creation), and Angel and Buffy screens (which each have adventures).

Even if you don't like Buffy/Angel you can play all sorts of games with these. I've thought about doing a teen mutants/X-Men game with it using the various supernatural qualities. TMNT is another setting I've played around with cinematic unisystem.

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