Saturday, November 19, 2016

Storm King's Thunder - Session Five

Date of Session: 11-18-16

The Party

Dor (NG Half-Orc Druid): Dor is a half-orc druid of simple tastes (his favorite of which is a good ale). Despite his brutish appearance, he's actually quite humble and kind.

Varkus the Charmer (CG Dhampyr Rogue): An extremely charming "bard," Varkus friendly demeanor masks a dark past. No one knows which is sharper, his tongue or rapier...

Ella Henwen (NG Human Wild Magic Sorcerer): Ella is a magic user of humble origins. Touched by wild magic, strange things happen when she's around. Sweet and naive, she wants to see the world and make it a better place.

Nathaniel Graves (LN Human Fighter): The last surviving member of the Iron Eagles mercenary company, Nathaniel is a grim marksman. He adventures for coin and only cares about those in his mercenary company (the party), though he often works for the Lords' Alliance.

Session Four
  • The party dispatched the rat king and his blue dragon rat minions. Ella was temporarily transported to the Astral Plane due to a wild magic mishap and was nearly eaten by a rocky creature.
  • After seeing her magical prowess, Nibbles decided Ella would be a more appropriate "master" than Varkus.
  • The party is now level three.
  • Upon further exploration they realized the tunnels went much deeper. Varkus suspected it might connect to Skullport and wanted nothing to do with it. They demolished part of the tunnels.
  • Tofdir, the gnomish bartender, granted them a driftglobe as payment and gave Ella a journal that detailed instructions on how to create more.
  • Nathaniel heard rumors of giants causing chaos along the Sword Coast.
  • The party did a bit of shopping. Dor discovered the large feather from the leviathan mine was the equivalent of a staff +1, Varkus found out the strange liquid he discovered underground was evil, and the rest of the party bought wagons, chickens, wheels of cheese, and a goat...
  • The party arrived at Nightstone to find it deserted. The only sound was from a ringing bell.
  • Varkus and Nathaniel snuck into the settlement and ambushed two worgs. The worgs had no chance. Seriously, the characters basically did double HP damage to them in one shot.
  • The commotion brought out the looting goblins. Nathaniel learned that even weak creatures can be frightening when they focus fire. Stew had a goblin vulture pilot mini so I decided to use it. The vulture was killed rather quickly and the goblin fell to the earth and made a small crater.
  • After the fight the party investigated the church and watch towers. Varkus spotted signs of life in the keep.
Unfortunately we won't be able to play for a month because the next session Justin and Kasey will be missing to attend a work holiday party.

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