Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Storm King's Thunder - Sessions Two and Three

Date of Session: 10-7-16 and 10-21-16

The Party

Dor (NG Half-Orc Druid): Dor is a half-orc druid of simple tastes (his favorite of which is a good ale). Despite his brutish appearance, he's actually quite humble and kind.

Varkus the Charmer (CG Dhampyr Rogue): An extremely charming "bard," Varkus friendly demeanor masks a dark past. No one knows which is sharper, his tongue or rapier...

Ella Henwen (NG Human Wild Magic Sorcerer): Ella is a magic user of humble origins. Touched by wild magic, strange things happen when she's around. Sweet and naive, she wants to see the world and make it a better place.

Nathaniel Graves (CN Human Fighter): The last surviving member of the Iron Eagles mercenary  company, Nathaniel is a grim marksman. He adventures for coin and only cares about those in his mercenary company (the party), though he often works for the Lords' Alliance.

Session Two

  • The party arrived at the Impenetrable Fortress of Dib. They set the wagon on fire, but refused to enter the caves below. Eventually they decided to dig their way down. Before they could find the right tunnel, they were ambushed by the goblins (and some reinforcements. 
  • After clearing the goblins, the party journey to the kobold's cave, which was the remains of an ancient flying behomoth.
  • They cleared the kobolds and their urd leaders. The kobolds were enslaving victims to mine the behemoth's marrow. The kobolds were using this as a drug.
  • While Nathaniel was fine leaving the injured captives in the cave, Ella convinced him that they should return the captives to their village.
  • Dor take a giant (staff-sized) feather, another remnant of the ancient best.

Session Three (Trick or Treat)
  • The party returned the injured villager home to Willowton. The Reaping Day festival was in full swing.
  • The party meets Garm, a villager in a shoddy gargoyle costume, who invites them to participate in events, but informs them they must be in costume.
  • Dor shape changed into a brown bear (though later he would put on a flesh golem costume).
  • Varkus used his make up kit to make himself look like a classic gothic vampire.
  • Ella used light on herself and said she was the sun,
  • Nathaniel told Varkus to use his disguise kit on him. He was surprised (and none to amused) to find that Varkus had dressed him like a princess.
  • The party attempted to submerge a man dressed as a bugbear that manned a dunk tank.
  • Dor entered a strong man contest. When he easily won, the two gents running the contest argued over whether he could (because you know, he's a bear). They agreed, and gave him a world's strongest man pendant, with man crossed out and bear hastily painted on.
  • Varkus sang some great spooking tunes, including the ballad of the drunken knight and the bear.
  • Ella took part in a pumpkin carving contest. She carved the holy symbol of Chauntea. She easily won and was awarded an enchanted pumpkin carving knife.
  • Nathaniel won 
  • a faerie doll in an archery contest and then got drunk (using my homebrew drinking rules).
  • The party entered the "haunted house" on the second floor of the tavern.
  • Green lightning struck and people transformed into their costumes (yeah like that episode of Buffy). Varkus drained life from fallen foes. Dor gained extra HP. All of Ella's attacks did and extra two points of fire damage. Nathaniel (calling himself Natasha) gained true loves kiss (lay on hands, usable twice, but he must kiss the recipient).
  • The party defeated the dunk tank bugbear and the now animated targets. They retrieved a green crystal. After defeating the bugbear, he reverted to (living human form).
  • The party went to the sight of the lightning strike and fought a shoddy looking gargoyle (Garm). After defeating them, they discovered that he stole a spellbook from a local mage because he wanted to make his costume more real and win a contest. Varkus smacked him in the face with a book.
  • The party went the the next place struck by the lightning, the haunted house. After battling children transformed into giant spiders and townsfolk zombies, they confronted the town's mage, now a cackling witch. They defeated her and Varkus hit her in the face with her book. The pair then argued for a bit. The gathered a second green crystal
  • The party and Artura (the mage) entered the graveyard to find the last green crystal. A frustrated Artura hurled a fireball and decimated the animated jack'o'lanterns.
  • Artura completed the ritual and everyone returned to normal.

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