Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ash Wednesday - Little Lori

Little Lori appeared in the first episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead. She's not very tough (Pablo takes her out in one shot, but she's tenacious). She's also apparently filled with blood and gore...

Name: Little Lori
Motivation: Little Lori hate you. Little Lori kill you.
Critter Type: Demon Doll
Attributes: Str 1, Dex 6, Con 3, Int 1, Per 2, Will 3
Ability Scores: Muscle 6, Combat 13, Brains 11
Life Points: 26 Drama Points: 5
Special Abilities: Beguile
Name                   Score   Damage               Notes
Bite                          13          4                  Slash/stab; target must be grappled
Grapple                    13          -                   Resisted by dodge

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