Saturday, December 10, 2016

Where Man Once Rolled Dice -- Now Game The Apes!

Have you checked out Apes Victorious yet?

Apes Victorious is a Labyrinth Lord compatible post apocalyptic rpg set on a world where apes rule and man has devolved. Yup, it's a classic Planet of the Apes rpg. Classes include astronaut, various ape species, degenerate human, and underground dwelling psychic mutant. This is sci-fi, but it's 70's inspired sci-fi.

Interested? Just like Labyrinth Lord, Goblin Games has posted a free art-free version of the book.

Have Apes Victorious and want to add some spice to it? +Mark Craddock has some excellent posts.

Terminator T-800
Sand People (Tusken Raiders)

Need apes-piration? +Brutorz Bill's Simian Saturdays at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild is your one-stop shop for ideas.

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  1. It was awesome to see this released. I hope the afterlife is all about having enough time to play all the great games I never had the chance to while breathing...