Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ash Wednesday - Simulacrum Quality

Because each Ash movie is owned by a different company, licensing is strange. For example, the Army of Darkness film and game only has vague references to the original movies. Ash vs. Evil Dead doesn't reference Army of Darkness (other than very vaguely, which can be taken from the Ash in the past ending of Evil Dead 2).

There are two current continuities of Ash in the comics. There is the Ash and the Army of Darkness line by Dynamite Entertainment and the Evil Dead 2 line by Space Goat Publishing. I've recently got into the Evil Dead 2 comics and I love them. Billed as the "sequel before the other sequel," the series stands on its own, without invalidating Army of Darkness or Ash vs Evil Dead.

The series starts with the end of Evil Dead 2. Ash is sent back in time. The cabin and Annie are pulled into Hell. Despite seeming to be killed in the film, Annie is alive. She makes her way to the cabin and fights demons using the dagger from the film. Using a ritual from the Necronomicon and Ash's severed evil hand, she creates a protector... a magical simulacrum of Ash. This Ash is basically Ash before he severed his hand. He has all of Ash's memories from that time. However, he doesn't have a soul. While this bothers him it also means demons have a tendency to ignore him.
To read more check out the Evil Dead fan wiki entry on him (or just come back for next week's Ash Wednesday).

Similacrum (1 pt. quality) 

Whether grown from a severed hand of the chosen one or other... ummm... genetic material, you are a magical clone. For all intents and purposes you are a copy of the person as of the time the DNA was separated from the body. However, you have no soul (and I'm not talking James Brown stuff here). For example Similacrum Ash was created from Ash's severed evil hand and is a copy of Ash at the beginning of his possession, but without the whole soul thing.

Having no soul gives you a major advantage. Demons tend to ignore the soulless unless they're provoking them. Unfortunately the magic that creates similacrums is demonic magic (is there really any other kind) and similacrum's are vulnerable to taint and possession (suffering from a -2 will power to resist it).

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