Thursday, January 12, 2017


Dungeonology is the D&D themed addition to the always fun, Ologies book series. The book is written by none other than Volothamp Geddarm (with annotations from Elminster of Shadowdale. The book has several two page chapters that deal with all sorts of topics: adventuring parties, equipment, magic, monsters, heroes, etc.  Like other books in the series it has cool pull-out things and pop ups. It's pretty interactive. I think the book is also cool because while it's primarily Forgotten Realms oriented, it mentions Ravenloft and Greyhawk a few different times.

If you know someone that's getting into D&D or are a D&D player with young kids, this is a great gift. I plan on showing it to my new players.

Fold out Sword Coast Map
A letter from Elminster

A smaller second book, Volo's Guide to the Forgotten Realms

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