Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday in Freeport - The Celebrant

+Robert Schwalb has released his first preview of the upcoming Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion. One of the new expert paths in the book the celebrant looks like a lot of fun.

A devotee of the unpredictable pirate god, One-Eyed Pete, the celebrant is the best kind of cultist. These pirates are trouble makers that seek to find treasure and booze to placate their chaotic patron.

The celebrant path's abilities all hinge on him being wasted on rum or another pirate-y spirit. They become impaired but take less damage and are capable of doing other feats while influence by that famous old spiced. In addition, they get some pirate appropriate magic.

I have to say, the first taste of Freeport SotDL-style is quite awesome. Keep your eye out for more pirate-Demon Lord shenanigans here and remember the kickstarter is supposed to launch in less than a week (March 1st).

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