Monday, February 6, 2017

Monstrous Monday - The Dorset Monster (LotFP)

The Dorset Monster appeared in the now public domain comic, Haunted Thrills #17.

Dorset Monster
Armor: 15,  HD: 6 (32 HP), Movement 120'2 claws (1d4)/ 1 bite (1d6) or poison breath (1d2 constitution damage), Morale 9

The Dorset Monster is an ancient man-sized dragon used by ancient druids to defend the British Isles from invaders, such as the Romans. The creature tends to attack with its claws and fangs, savoring the carnage they cause. However, if pressed the Dorset Monster can also breath a gout of poisonous gas that will sap a man's fortitude. The creature itself is immune to all forms of poison (natural and magical). The creature is intelligent and free-willed, but can be bound with the proper incantation.


  1. Outstanding! I'm really loving the old anthology comics monsters right now. I hope you'll keep these up. (I'll probably end up stealing some for the elemental beastfighting pits...!)

    1. These are fun to do. I plan on doing more and hope they do well in the pits.