Monday, February 20, 2017

Monstrous Monday - The Wig (LotFP)

There will be Hell toupee for this post. The story originally appeared in Out of the Shadows #11.
The Wig
Armor: 13,  HD: 1 (7 HP), Movement 120'1 wrestle (+3 bonus) Morale 12
Skills: Climb 6, Stealth 6

The Wig is a silent killer out for revenge. It's dispatches it's victims by attempting to strangle them in their sleep. The target of its' vengeance is plagued by nightmares and often feels the effects of Sleep Deprivation (Rules & Magic pg 36).


  1. Awesome. I love having you curate these old stories for us...this is another winner...!

    1. I love going through these old horror comics. The stats are simple and sometimes are just an excuse to share stories that I find interesting.