Monday, March 13, 2017

Monstrous Monday - Malevo the Living Ghost (LotFP)

Malevo the Living Ghost, First Lieutenant of Satan appeared in Adventures into the Unknown #1.

Malevo the Living Ghost Armor: 16,  HD: 10 (66 HP), Movement 120'/120' (Fly) 1 slam (2d6 damage Morale 12

Because of God's curse, Malevo can never truly be killed, only temporarily driven away. Normally he can only be harmed by magic (and magic weapons), though certain relics render him temporarily vulnerable to mortal hands. In addition, one per day he can cast Animate Dead Monster as a 10th level Magic-User.


  1. He would make a great slasher villain! Do you happen to know if he made any more appearances?

    1. It looks like he, Tony, and Gail appeared in one other story, but I'm not sure what issue it was. When I figure it out there will be a follow up post.