Saturday, April 1, 2017

A is for Axe Grinder

Here's a new type of monster and details about the area you can find them.

Axe Grinder
AC 8 [11]               HD: 2      Attacks: Well-Sharpened Axe (1d6+2)    Special: Immune to sleep, charm        Move: 6

Axe Grinders are special zombies created by the necromancer, Rayo. The former loggers seek out a new resources to harvest with their tools. Unfortunately these resources are the souls that wander into the remains the community. When not hunting for fresh timber, they spend their time sharpening axes (which while non-magical always do an extra point of damage).

Rotaway (formerly Knotaway)

The village of Knotaway was founded 200 years ago by the Brownknot family. With access to good timber several small waterways, the community quickly became known for its logging and flat boat industries. 

A year ago a virulent plague swept through the community killing nearly all of the townsfolk. The survivors fled to the nearest settlement, McDermott. Father Bear and his most skilled disciples went on a mercy mission to investigate and help any survivors. They found no signs of the disease, it has expired as had the remaining townsfolk. However, they quickly realized that it didn't mean the village was empty. Father Bear lost two of his closest disciples that day.

Though the pines and oak of Rotaway (as the area became known) are some of the strongest in the land, only the most foolish seek to harvest them. 


Places of Note

Brownkotting Logging Mill - The foul necromancer, Rayo, maintains his horrid lair beneath the old mill. It is here that he created the necromantic plague that killed most of the townsfolk. 

Covered Bridge - This beautiful covered bridge passes over a large creek and connects the main travel road to Rotaway. It is haunted by the spirit of Lily Brownknot. She was the first victim of Rayo's plague.


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  1. Great start! I'm legit looking forward to getting new Portsmaw info each day...!

    1. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated sir.