Monday, April 10, 2017

H is for Haints and Spooks


When it comes to undead, if it ain't a ghoulie, it's a haint (the colloquial term for incorporeal undead).While less common than most ghoulies, hauntings aren't that unusual in the region.

Being incorporeal spooks and haints can move through objects. They can typically only be harmed by magic, silver, or bless objects, though sometimes an object related to their past or death will harm them. Spooks can be destroyed by these means, but haints can only be temporarily suppressed by attacks. The only true way to get rid of a haint is to find out what it lingers in our world and convince it that it should move on.

The Lady (White Lady Point)

The Lady of of White Lady Point was one of the early settlers of the region. Her husband was a wandering merchant. She was often left alone to care for her son, weeks at a time. One cold morning a flat boat crew heard a scream coming from a nearby hill. By the time the crew made it to where the sound had originated they found the cabin empty and in bloody shambles. There were no signs of the lady or her son, but there was a bloody hand print on the wall, too big to have been made by a man.

Boats passing down the Oh'yio still see the lady pale and white (except for the bloody wound at her side) gazing down at the river below.

The Lady in White
AC 6 [13]               HD: 3      Attacks: Ghostly Touch (Drain)    Move: 6 (flying)
Special: Haint, Drain (1 point of constitution per attack, regained in 24 hours), immune to sleep, charm    

Lily Brownknot (Rotaway)

Lily was the first victim of Rayo's magic plague. She hates what's happened to her town and is afraid of Rayo and his abominations. Unlike may apparitions, she retains her youthful innocence. She does her best to help those that wonder near her home and likes to play games.

AC 7 [14]               HD: 2      Attacks: Plague Touch (1 + special)    Move: 12
Special: Haint, Disease (creatures touch by Lily are temporarily affected by the plague that killed her, taking a -2 on all attack rolls because of fatigue), immune to sleep, charm, once per day she cast cure wounds by hugging a friendly character


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.


  1. Very nice. I like the Ghoulie/Haint distinction, and great flavor with the names...!

    1. Thanks! The Ghost of White Lady Point is an actual local legend. I know some people that claim to know the ground where the cabin stood.